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Jeff Vaughn
Episode 8

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    The other Jeff Vaughn that we met at The Phoenix Saloon on St. Paddy's Day.

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    My Story

    Jeffrey Ryan Vaughn is as Texan as it gets, and he is as big as Texas too!. He is a proud, born and raised Texan, from the Dallas area…Plano, TX. He is a self-taught musician that started picking and writing in the early 2000’s. His influences are very vast, and you can catch him playing anything from originals…to Jason Isbell…to Chris Knight…to Miley Cyrus…to Snoop Dogg. “I like to play my own music, but I really like to give my spin on other people’s music too.” He really is a one-man show, as he is typically seen playing solo…or doing song swaps with his friends. His 2014 debut album is called Lone Star State of Mind, and he put out an 3-Song EP “Rise Up From The Ashes” in 2017, that can be listened to on any platform of your choice. His vocals are as gritty as the West Texas Desert and his writings are as smooth as Texas Whiskey. Jeffrey Ryan Vaughn can be seen playing around local bars, saloons and taverns in the New Braunfels, TX area.

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