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Ryder Grimes
Episode 34

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    My Story

    Born and raised in the rural Northeast Texas town of Poetry (Population 2,069), Ryder Grimes was raised up doing things the country way. On stage, since he was 11 years old, Ryder grew up with burning love and passion for country music. Whether it was his mom playing it in the kitchen or his dad playing it on stage, Ryder fell in love with it from the start.


    After years of learning from his inspirations, Ryder began to sing, play and write songs of his own, just like his hero’s. Now as an adult, Ryder is doing everything he grew up dreaming about. Throughout the last year, he has spent numerous hours in the studio with Texas Country Legend, personal inspiration and good friend Deryl Dodd. Deryl produced the project along side fellow producer Bart Rose, owner of Fort Worth Sound Recording Studios. The EP, set to be released in late November with the first single coming in Mid-October, is said to be a hot one with a full run of show dates and radio tours coming along with it.


    Backed by his band, Ryder Grimes is traveling to new towns every weekend playing big shows for a number of people and sharing the stage with national acts such as Max Stalling, Deryl Dodd, Jake Worthington, Logan Samford and Giovannie and the Hired Guns just to name a few.

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