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Shawn Hart
Episode 4

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My Story

Shawn is a Wisconsin born singer songwriter who now calls
Texas home. Ten years ago, he moved down, and after a few years working in nursing homes, Shawn started his professional music journey. First playing bass for the Zack Walther Band, then hitting the road on guitar with polka legend Alex Meixner. He then decided to focus on his own music and has been playing shows and writing songs since. His voice is smooth, and his lyrics go deep. You can occasionally catch Shawn playing bass with a few different bands around, but you’re almost always sure to find him playing a show around the New Braunfels area.

Podcasts: Modern Day Jesters & Unfolding Sevenfold


Here is how to find Shawn and his music

Shawn Hart on Facebook

Shawn Hart on YouTube

Shawn Hart on Spotify

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