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Jackson Randolph
Episode 3

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My Story

Jackson Randolph, both born and raised in Rockwall, Texas is an aspiring musician. His love of music has always been a light in his life. Jackson is a senior in high school, works part time, and still finds time to play gigs when he can. 

He has been playing guitar for 8 years and is pretty much self taught. Jackson joined the youth band at his local church when he was 13. "It pushed me to learn more," he said. 

Eventually he had the idea to try and write a song. His first song that he wrote was "Empty Promises" and it was recorded on his phone in his bedroom. The song was then released on music platforms. Since then he has been playing live and writing as much as he can.

He aspires to not only be a big name one day, but do it completely on his own, self-made.  His friends and family support him in his dreams. Not many kids do what he does. That's what makes it special.

This journey of his is taken one day at a time. There is a long road of Happiness and Tough Times ahead.

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