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Songbird Jones
Episode 23

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    My Story

    The art of crafting a song from scratch and then singing that same song to an audience is the beautiful challenge keeping Songbird Jones inspired. The communication that happens from hand to pen to paper and then from guitar strings to singing to listening ears is a place where they find their home. Soulful vocals, rich harmonies and thoughtful lyrics set Songbird Jones apart from the crowd.

    From New York to Europe and destinations in between — Matt and friends bring an array of experiences into a live performance full of earthiness, fun, and heartfelt warmth.

    The past two years Matt released two EPs that mark time and spotlight the new additions to his family. The Jubilee Waltz (2019) and Jotman (2021) are projects composed of three songs each, for and about his daughter Jubilee and son Jotham.

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