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Travis Smith
Episode 16

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    My Story

    Travis Smith - By the numbers.

    1, As in 1%.  Travis left the Army as an E9/SGM.  Less than 1% of all military members ever attain that rank!

    2, As in 2-Step.  The brand new single, Not A Neighbor In Sight is a Great song to dance to!  It’s also a great song to listen to in your truck.

    3, As in 3rd time’s a charm.  This is the 3rd song that Travis has collaborated with producer Sonny Morris.  Together they have captured Travis’ thought provoking songwriting and performance.

    4, As in For Real.  Not A Neighbor In Sight is a true story about a trip to LA after growing up in a small town, Bangs, Tx.

    5. This is the 5th single Travis has released in the past few years, all of which had chart success. "How Can I Miss Her", "Burning Daylight", "Up To Kansas City" and "Too Close To Home".

    10, As in 10 Million People and Not A Neighbor In Sight…I Can’t Wait To See My Front Porch Light. Listeners definitely hear the influences of Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson, George Strait, with some Don Williams mixed in.

    Songwriter - ASCAP - Travis Smith
    Producer - Sonny Morris/Travis Smith


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