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Left Arm Tan
Episode 13

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    Daniel                         Brian                                         Tim                                   Shawn                    
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    Our Story

    Left Arm Tan comes full circle in 2022. The band that took its name from the Wilco song Monday returns with a new album produced by Ken Coomer of Wilco.

    The album, Undefeated (May 20, 2022), is a work with purpose. Featuring genre bending songs that blend Alternative, Americana and influences from the 70’s and 80’s, it is a rock album that refuses to compromise. An album hell bent on delivering the goods.

    LAT is comprised of Brian Lee (vocals, guitar), Daniel Hines (guitar, vocals), Shawn Light (guitar, vocals), Joseph Lopez (bass), Tim Manders (drums, vocals) and Mark Belding (trumpet/steel guitar).

    LAT released their first CD, Jim, in 2010 and the opening track Wish quickly won Song of the Year from Saving Country Music. Their follow up EP Thurm established them as a band to watch. But it was 2013’s release, Alticana, described by Routes and Branches as “nothing less than one of the brightest, most tuneful albums of 2013,” that established Left Arm Tan as a true critics favorite in the US and Europe.

    The band has continued their “twangy, almost mystical romanticism” (No Depression) with the critically acclaimed albums Lorene (2016), El Camino (2018), and Left Arm Tan (2020).

    In a world beset by pandemics, free streaming, and apathy, it’s good to know one band remains Undefeated. Or as Ernest Hemingway said it, “Man (or a band) is not made for defeat…A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” Old Man and the Sea. 1952

    LAT will be touring in the United States and United Kingdom during 2022. For more information contact

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