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Alli Mattice &
Eric Langenhahn
Episode 12

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    My Story

    Alli Mattice and Eric Langenhahn are both seasoned musicians who met through the thriving music scene in New Braunfels, TX. Eric has been in many bands, is sales rep for Fender and previously Takamine, Ovation and Hamer Guitars, and has an unrelenting passion for music. 

    Alli was raised in a home that not only hosted singer songwriters, but were additionally sure to take her to concerts and festivals, even if it required a chat with somebody to get this little girl in to hear the music.  From childhood, she could not stop singing and making noise. Decades later Eric and Alli  would run into each other whilst making noise and, Needless to say, it was “love at first listen.” 

    Prior to Alli’s wedding week, her former guitar player needed to call it quits, and Alli had not only an isle to walk down, but 3 gigs in the following week that needed to be filled. Her steady band (Alli Mattice Band)  needed a temporary guitar player, so Alli reached out to Eric whom she had seen play around town and admired his musicianship. Eric agreed to save the day, but just temporarily as he was obliged to other bands and projects. 


    After our quick practices prior to some big performances, Eric did not want the music relationship to be temporary and they became a team. 


    Alli is known for her soulful, strong, and groovy vocals, and Eric is known for his supportive and tactful rhythm guitar as well as his dancing lead guitar solos that will send your mind and body on a rocketship into the heart of the song. 


    For 3 years, Alli, Eric, and Jake Koenig (groovy and absolute fun to watch drummer) have played together in the  Alli Mattice  Band and can promise you eclectic and soulful covers and originals. They are currently working on, writing and recording new original songs that they cannot wait to share with the world. 


    Here is how to find Alli Mattice & Eric Langenhahn and their music

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