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Jackson Reddy
Episode 33

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    My Story

    Jackson Reddy, born in Mechanicsville, VA and transplanted into Fort Worth at a young age is a fiery new musician in the Texas scene. Jackson has always had a love for all kinds of music ranging from bluegrass, alternative, southern rock, and Texas country. 

    He’s been playing guitar for a little over 9 years now, after his first live music experience he fell in love and pestered his mom for a guitar.

    Jackson played his first open mic in late 2020 when a friend forced him out to the event. After getting over fearing the crowd his love for music grew and grew until he started getting gigs. 

    Jackson has two studio singles released on all platforms. His first song titled “Love You Better” and second “Dance Floor Dreams”. 

    Jackson is working on an upcoming project and anticipates its release in early 2023. Another goal of Jackson’s for 2023 is to start doing full band shows.

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