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Chris Cunningham
Episode 1

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My Story

Chris was born and raised in Forney, TX. He began playing music at 12, wrote his first song at 14, and played his first gig in a bar at 15. He continued to play all throughout high school, opening for names such as Deryl Dodd, JB and the Moonshine Band, and Bart Crow. Even with all of this exposure, he was not able to release his own songs to the world.


Fast forward to September of 2021. He released his first two singles. “Meeting You” (which you will hear on this podcast), and “Something Real”. At that point, he was starting to be seen as what he always wanted, a recognized name as a Texas singer/songwriter. With 2022 just starting, he looks forward to providing new songs, meeting fans, and helping people through their hardest times through his music.

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